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Hemp Drying News & Hemp Events

IEC Thermo is offering FREE webinars every Wednesday at 3PM CST/1PM PST on a variety of hemp-related topics. Register using the links below for any or all of the upcoming webinars!

Wednesday Webinar Schedule

April 29: Tech Talk || Three members of the IEC Thermo Technical Team, including our Chemical Engineer, will be talking Hemp Drying Technology. Join Alfonso Delgadillo, Ben Johnson, and Chris Ritschel as they discuss the science of drying, technology behind the dryer, and getting the most out of your dryer, along with a special announcement. Register here.

May 6: Hemp Farmer Panel || A panel of hemp farmers will discuss their experiences, successes, and hardships, especially focusing on the drying stage of the process. Register here.

May 13: Feed is Key! || with Special Guest Robert Hubener, Applications Specialist at Colorado Mill Equipment. Register here.

May 20: Harvesting Hemp || with Special Guest Corbett Hefner, VP of Formation Ag.Register here.

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