Truth regarding Gencanna Fire Incident; Explosion Initiated in CBD Processing Lab

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IEC Thermo designed the first hemp dryer for Gencanna back in 2015. Since then, both Gencanna and IEC Thermo have seen impressive growth as industry leaders in hemp processing. Unfortunately, in the fall of 2019, Gencanna experienced a combustion incident and fire at their processing facilities in Winchester, KY which caused significant structural damage. Thankfully, no one was injured.

As a result of this previous association between Gencanna and IEC Thermo, some have made the presumption that the IEC drying system known as “Big Blue” was involved in that incident. In fact, witnesses verified that “Big Blue” had been disassembled and was being warehoused at the time of the fire. From local news reporting of the incident when it happened, officials believed the fire started in a lab area that was refining CBD oil.

Safety is the top priority for IEC Thermo. As the hemp industry develops, the company continues their commitment to working with operators and translating their experience into industry best practices.

Citations state the accident happened in the lab, which is the area of the facility that is used for purifying CBD. Industrial driers not located inside of the processing lab.

Clark County Fire Chief Ernie Barnes was quoted: “The part of the facility that exploded and caught fire is used for purifying CBD”

“GenCanna official told the Lexington news outlet that five employees were inside the facility at the time of the explosion and fire but not inside the lab area where the blast happened.”


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